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Live Love on YouTube March 18 3-6 pm with hostess MEM NAHADR (Big Kahuna!!!!)

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On March 17-20th, 2018, the Perceiver of Sound League will present Lovesphere 23 at Glenwood Community Bookstore (3/17 3pm Free,) The Code Gallery (3/19 7:30pm, donation), Scuppernong Books (3/20 and on the radio (WUAG, 103.1 FM.)  Lovesphere 23 is the 23rd  installment of a 67-year art festival that began in 1995 which takes place every year on the Spring Equinox.

SATURDAY MARCH 17-- please join us in person for a once-in-a-lifetime acoustic installation of some of the Triad's most innovative musicians!
Glenwood Community Bookshop 1212 Grove Street  Free
THE LOVESPHERE ORCHESTRA will be an all-acoustic large ensemble featuring:
Laurent Estoppey, a Swiss saxophonist established in Greensboro in 2010 performs and teaches classic saxophone repertoire and transcriptions of baroque music. Numerous collaborations with composers have led him to create at least one hundred works. Now his musical activity is divided between written music and improvisation, and it occurs throughout Switzerland, many European countries, but also in Canada, USA, Argentina, Guatemala and South Africa. Collaborators include Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Ensemble BaBel and Greensboro’s Collapps.
Mathilda P.E., debuting on percussion;
David Menestres of Durham’s Polyorchard; plus the members of the two opening acts:
1=0  Gary Heidt (guitarron), SJ Mann (bass), and Lisa Woods (percussion)
And Out of Town Ringers Cupcake Gross (NYC) known both as a stage and TV actor and as a multi-instrumental improviser and for his work with bands like Fist of Kindness and the Executioners of Excellence; and Gary Miles (DC) of Dimebagel and Mammals of Zod fame.

SUNDAY MARCH 18 On-Air— Lovesphere 22 on WUAG 1-7 pm.  Lovesphere 22 Improvisation Installation and Broadcast-  Free, on WUAG 103.1 FM in Greensboro or streaming here.
The Perceiver of Sound League (1-4pm) will feature live music and performance sound collage by Rich Gross, Gary Miles, Laurent Estoppey and more.
The Old Songs (4-7pm) will feature text, song and performance in a post-post bricolage.

MONDAY MARCH 19 at The Code Gallery, 1202 Grove St. in GREENSBORO, NC-- We're All In This Together, a performance/ritual by Van Reipen Collective, directed by Cassandra Victoria Chopourian.  7:30, donation.

TUESDAY MARCH 20 at Scuppernong Books, 304 South Elm St., Greensboro--- GAH! the Greensboro Art Happening with Gavin Glass, Anita Woodley, Graham Holt, and Brydagar (Bryan Crotts, David Doyle and Gary Heidt.)  Mashup of high, low and medium art with an emphasis on

Gary Heidt and Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding founded Lovesphere in 1995 in New York City as a 67-year project to take place every year on the Spring Equinox.  The festival has taken various forms over the years—from a six-day multi-arts festival to a musical comedy to a re-enactment of the myth of Eurydice—but this will be the first time for it to take place in North Carolina.  Redding is a native of Greenville, NC, and Heidt, a Texan by birth, “moved to Greensboro this year [2015] after nearly three decades in New York, where he was a DJ and Station Manager at WKCR-FM…[he] learned improvisation from jazz musicians and performed at the Knitting Factory, CBGB, Lincoln Center as well as across the US and around the globe-“ News and Record, Go Triad, Dec. 17, 2015.
For more information, please contact Gary Heidt at

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