Cover of Bryan Crotts' album THE DREAM WITHIN

“The Dream Within,” a debut album by 69-yo Greensboro native Bryan Crotts, will be released November 11, 2022, Armistice Day, on Bandcamp by Perceiver of Sound League (

“The Dream Within” is a dreamy, atmospheric world of surreal Americana. Produced by Gary Heidt with seven original songs written by Bryan Crotts and Gary Heidt, the songs range from 2/4 country to jazz-tinged ballads.

Bryan Crotts was born and grew up in rough and tumble East Greensboro, where collars were blue and bruises purple, and blood was often drawn. He married his 8th grade science teacher but her husband had it annulled. He served in the Army, seen 3 ufos and an apparition of Christ, has been in 8 motorcycle wrecks, rode Roman roads, lived in various places and returned to Greensboro, where he’s performed with the F-Art Ensemble of Greensboro, Lovesphere, a vocal harmony quartet with David Doyle, and experimental trio Brydagar, as well as innumerable blues open mics on harmonica. But none of this will prepare anyone for Bryan Crotts the singer.  His voice is relaxed, open, velvety and smooth; his lyrics are relatable but often surreal.

Darren Musatto plays lead guitar on four of the tracks. Darren is a veteran guitarist, performer and producer based in Philadelphia where he owns and operates the New Trust recording studio. He has worked with members of Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Ween, Misfits, Crash Test Dummies and more. Gary Heidt of Greensboro plays rhythm and lead guitar, bass, guitarron, ukelele, piano, drums and mathematics. Heidt is cofounder of Mammals of Zod, Fist of Kindness and Perceiver of Sound League, and created the album with Crotts around the central tone of 105 Hz and the concept, WWWJDMDAPJCD, [i.e., What would Waylon of “Dreaming my Dreams” and its producer Jack Clement Do?]

The album will be available for three free streams for everyone at on November 11, 2022 and you can also purchase a downloadable copy there.