STUPA. A shrine containing relics of the Buddha.

SUPER STUPA. The idea of a shrine for that which is still living.

THE SUPER STUPA PROJECT: THE SABIR EXPERIENCE is a way for people to have a chance to participate in the life of a living legend and icon of artistic integrity.

Our culture venerates those who have dedicated their lives to the expression of visions, from artists to activists, but usually after their death. THE SUPER STUPA PROJECT: THE SABIR EXPERIENCE claims that giving support to a specific artistic/spiritual visionary during his lifetime provides innumerable spiritual benefits for the participant and the entire culture.

The Man in Question: SABIR MATEEN

Few saxophonists are better able to act and react in the moment. “ Chris Kelsey, Jazz Times

Exhilarating and thoughtful.” -Walter Horn, Cadence

One of the modern masters of creative music.”- Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz

"Quite soulful." NY Times

Sabir Mateen's quartet TEST was featured in the 2012 Whitney Biennial. He performs around the world, and is featured on over fifty recordings, as a leader, collaborator and sideman with outfits like the Sun Ra Arkestra and the Cecil Taylor big band.

The Music.

There exists a community of musical practitioners and listeners who practice a completely improvised music. Amongst themselves, they refer to it simply as “The Music.”

The idea is that the musicians form an antenna for spiritual energies to come to the earth. The music has its roots in jazz-- most specifically in the late music of John Coltrane. After Coltrane quit taking heroin, he began to play a music that was no longer based on Broadway show-tunes but on a connection to a divine order.

As divination practices use “randomness” to access a deeper level of consciousness, The Music uses a delicately balanced ear and sound-mind to translate a very delicate impulse into some sounds that anyone can hear. The audience member must open up the soul to the music and be healed, transformed.. The practitioners: modern day shamans.

Sabir Mateen is one of the foremost practitioners of the music in the world today. He has always played The Music without compromise, regardless of commercial demands.

THE SUPER STUPA PROJECT: THE SABIR EXPEREINCE allows non-practitioners to gain much of the spiritual benefit of Sabir's practice through participating in creating a platform for Sabir's corporeal existence. Members of the Full Stupa Faction may get a chance to host Sabir on their own property.

Those who join in creating the “jewelled stupa” for Sabir's practice are granted powerful spiritual benefits which are usually not so easy to acquire in today's world.

The administrative staff of the Super Stupa project will coordinate with partcipants and Sabir to schedule opportunities for Sabir to inhabit the various spaces offered.

O, World-honoured One! For what reasons comes this jewelled stupa, welling up out of the earth and producing from its midst the voice?” - The Lotus Sutra

Sabir has lived according to the dictates of his artistic vision regardless of fame or success and it is precisely this devotion to the Spirit that qualifies him to inhabit a Super Stupa.

Following are just a few people who will vouch for his authenticity: Jospeh Petrucelli, Jazz Foundation of America; Michael Bisio, Professor of Bass, Bennington College (VT); Daniel Carter, Musician; William Parker, Musician; Paul Geluso, Master Teacher of Music Technology, Chief Recording Engineer, Steinhardt School of the Performing Arts, New York University; Matthew Shipp, Musician; Ben Young, Director, WKCR-FM.

THE SUPER STUPA PROJECT: THE SABIR EXPEREINCE will consist of Sabir an a small group of Stupa Administrators: Gary Heidt, Project Manager, will coordinate with clients to arrange and schedule Sabir's tour of the stupas. Stupas should ideally consist of a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. Each Stupa will be cleansed after use by the Project Manager or a representative with Stupa artists who will collect relics and create art objects around the relics.

Participation in THE SUPER STUPA PROJECT is a gift to the Spirit and cannot bought.  The suggested donation for Full Stupa Faction from  THE SUPA STUPA PROJECT is $20 thousand USD. Any monetary donation is humbly and gratefully accepted.  Checks can be made out to the Perceiver of Sound League. The Perceiver of Sound League is a tax-exempt non-profit organization.


or call Gary Heidt, Project Manager, at 201 435 8334

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